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Tavern Talk #36: Are We Too Smart For Our Own Good?

The last 200 years have seen great advancements in science and technology. They’ve also seen a rapid expansion of our knowledge – certainly our access to knowledge. But are we smarter?

It’s easy to sell the idea and need for God to people who are ignorant. I don’t mean not smart, but rather not advanced. People of ancient times, who spent more time worrying about their next meal were an easy sale for the notion of a relationship with the master of the universe. Unfortunately, we have a large number of people throughout the world, and even in the USA who still have that worry.

But what about others today? Those who have in their pockets and can hold in their hands access to more information, more data, more knowledge than was in use and at play on the lunar landing. Or if you don’t believe that actually happened, then that which was on the computers on the Space Shuttle. Access to all that information, available to us instantaneously, gives us a fall sense of our intelligence. We don’t think that we need to worry about God and certainly that we don’t have a present need for him.

Our present need for God is more than for wealth and health. One of the things God provides us is power – power to be witnesses for Jesus, who allows us to have a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. We get the power of perspective. The ability to see things through the lens of someone who is in relationship with the Creator and the power to live a life that is a witness to that relationship.

Additional reading:

Acts 1: 6-8

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