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Tavern Talk #62 - We Are Not Alone

When you see the title, “We Are Not Alone,” you likely think you’re going to see the trailer for the latest sci-fi thriller or perhaps an exposé on how much the government and wealthy individuals have spent reaching out into the “heavens” in search of extraterrestrials (preferably the kind, intelligent variety, not those beasts bent on intergalactic conquest). But this message is closer to home.

We all feel alone sometimes. We can be surrounded by people, amid a crowd, or living in a metropolis and yet still feel alone. It isn’t good for us to be or feel alone. We are social creatures. Any film set in a prison or a POW camp likely has a segment where the protagonist or some other major character spends time in “the hole,” “the box,” or “solitary.” (Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke, Bridge Over the River Kwai, The Great Escape, etc.). There is no higher drama or better way to build some affinity for the protagonist or disdain for an antagonist. We can’t stand the thought of being isolated. And it isn’t healthy. It also isn’t good for our faith.

The good news? We aren’t alone. No matter what we are suffering, experiencing, or being challenged by, someone has likely experienced or is experiencing the same thing. The fact that others might know how we feel allows us to open up and share, which is healthy. It’s easier to explain to someone what you are going through if they have been there. It takes some pressure off our struggle to put those feelings into words. If they too are someone of faith, we will have a faith accountability partner with whom we can tackle our challenges. Or if they have shared our experience in the past, they can share how they made it through or what they wish they had done differently.

But let’s not forget that God is there. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing we have done – no hate, anger, inattention, disbelief, questions, offenses – will prevent God from being there when we reach out.

And we must be there for others. ALL of us have something to offer someone in need. Don’t think you can? You aren’t alone. And you won’t be alone when the time comes to help.

Jesus explained that God was sending his presence to be with us in Jesus’s absence. This Holy Spirit is also referred to as “the Advocate,” “the Helper,” and “the spirit of Truth.” He explained that the Holy Spirit will teach us all that we need to know and will remind us of everything Jesus said and did.

You are not alone.

By the grace of Jesus Christ, God is there.

You are not alone.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are there.

We are not alone.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be there – and so can you.




1 Peter 5:8-9

Romans 8:38-39

Matthew 28:20

John 14:15-17; 26-27

Acts 1:8


Additional Readings

Deuteronomy 4:31; 31:6-8

Joshua 1:5

1 Chronicles 28:20

Psalm 27:10; 94:14

Isaiah 41:10

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