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Tavern Talk #63 - Sacraments, rituals, and rites, oh my! Finding God in the everyday things.

Updated: Mar 18

As we journey through this season of Lent, a time of reflection, repentance, and preparation, we explore a topic that is central to many Christian traditions: sacraments, rituals, and rites. Don’t panic. You don't need a yellow brick road to find God. You can find God in your own everyday things.


Sacraments, rituals, and rites have been significant aspects of Christian worship for centuries. They are sacred practices that symbolize and communicate the grace of God to believers. From baptism to communion, from marriage to confession, these acts have held deep meaning and significance for Christians throughout history. And that’s the point.


In the Bible, we see examples of sacramental moments that hold immense spiritual power. The baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, the Last Supper where Jesus instituted communion, the marriage covenant between God and His people—all of these are pivotal events that demonstrate God's presence and activity in the world.


However, it's essential for us to recognize that sacraments, rituals, and rites are not confined to a particular form or expression. We can find God in everyday things or even the unexpected.

While traditional Christian churches and denominations may have established practices, there is room for diversity and creativity in how we connect with God. For example: The Tavern.


In our diverse congregation, gathered in a non-traditional worship space, we explore new ways of encountering the divine. Similarly, we can find sacredness in the everyday moments of life—in the sharing of a meal with friends, in the beauty of nature, in acts of kindness and compassion towards others.


We must remember that the essence of sacraments, rituals, and rites lies not in the outward form but in the inward experience of encountering God's grace and presence.

Whether we participate in traditional sacraments or create our own sacred practices and spaces, what matters is the sincerity of our hearts and the openness of our spirits to the movement of the Holy Spirit.


So, as we journey through this Lenten season and beyond, let us embrace the richness of our faith tradition while also remaining open to new ways of connecting with God. Let us cultivate a spirituality that is vibrant, inclusive, and authentic—a spirituality that transcends the boundaries of tradition and denomination.


May we all find our own paths to encountering the sacred, knowing that God meets us wherever we are and however we seek Him. And may The Tavern continue to be a place where all are welcome to explore, question, and grow in their relationship with the Divine.

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