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Tavern Talk #35: Water Into Wine

Water into Wine: Illusion or Illustration?

Neat Party Trick or Something More?

Christians and non-Christians alike love to reference Jesus turning water into wine – especially if they drink. If they know only a few stories from the Bible, this one ranks right up there with Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jonah. But most don’t actually know the entire story, they just know the punch line. As with most biblical stories, there is more than meets the eye. In this Tavern Talk, we explore the entire passage where this miracle occurs (John 2:1-11) – the significance of each verse. Why has John included this story in his Gospel? Why did Jesus turn water into wine? How does this story from 2,000 years ago have any relevance for us today?

This story is full of symbolism and meaning which reinforce Jesus’s humanness and holiness, his authority, his simple message of love of God and love of each other, and his presence and relevance not just for salvation but for every challenge life may bring.

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