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Tavern Talk #2: Who is God?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Unfortunately, many historically and even today have not accurately portrayed God. God is about more than rules, fear, and retribution. The threat of punishment and fear of an eternity of damnation are not compelling reasons to choose God nor meaningful motivation to live life differently.

God is love.

God loves us and acts out of love. Old Testament God and New Testament God. Same God. And God wants us to love him and love each other.

Jesus, who was of God, was about love, not fighting, nor judgment, nor overthrowing the government. He was radical. He was radical about love.

God the Creator hard-wired us to love – to love being loved and to love loving. Science shows us that our body reacts positively to experiencing love.

Choosing God is not a one-time selection of eternal fire insurance or the acquisition of after-life insurance. It’s about choosing to experience God’s love now and to live a life filled with love for others. God’s kingdom is not just in some mysterious far away after-life. It can be experienced here today and every day --if we choose to love God and love our neighbors. Radical indeed.


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