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Tavern Talk #3: The Bible. Why?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Some people read instructions first. Others refer to them only after it all goes wrong. And still, others get whatever it is figured out without ever consulting them, but perhaps miss the extent of the features and how best to use it. The Bible is a lot like instructions in those ways, but much different otherwise. Many would love to use the Bible as a set of master instructions, a how-to manual, or as a big book of rules. While there is guidance that can be found there, most who would see it as a big rule book generally only want to follow those rules with which they agree. And, many find plenty with which they can disagree there.

But, perhaps the Bible should be looked at differently. Perhaps the Bible should be appreciated for what it can provide. Not just instructions, guidelines, and a how-to book on living, but as an opportunity to seek and find God. If you want to find something to argue with others about, there is plenty of material there. But, more importantly, if you seek to find God, how God would like for us to live and treat each other, and how God wants a relationship with us, then you can find and experience all of those things through the Bible. Read it with an open mind and an open heart, and you will find that it will open up to you.



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