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Tavern Talk #42: Easter. Come Have Some Breakfast

While the crucifixion is an integral part of Easter, and Christ’s dying for our sins is foundational to our faith and eternal life, the miracle of Easter is meaningless if Jesus is not remembered as human (or in human form). There is no resurrection without a death. And without a human, there is no death. While Christ’s resurrection is symbolic of his sacrifice for our sins, the fact that he died and was raised from the dead is what has helped his story to survive. The resurrection alone would not have done it. There had to be witnesses – witnesses for whom it was so motivating that they were compelled to change their lives and to devote themselves to telling the story.

At The Tavern, we focused on a simple but compelling story of Christ’s interaction with some of his disciples after the resurrection. The story captures the bigness of the miracle with the simplicity that was Jesus. It is a fitting story for a savior born in a manger to common people, who worked as a carpenter before embarking on his ministry, and who spoke of peace, love, and forgiveness rather than overthrowing the oppressive government.

In John chapter 21, we find some of the disciples (who had already witnessed the risen Christ) fishing. Unsuccessfully. After helping them fill their nets (telling them to cast them on the other side of the boat), he invited them ashore to breakfast. A simple meal of grilled fish and bread. A breakfast filled with symbolism but also satisfying a basic a human need – to take in sustaining nourishment while having the incredibly human experience of sharing a meal together. “Come, have some breakfast,” he said.

We are reminded that Jesus provides us what we need in abundance and asks that we share it; that he is there for us when we least expect it and when we don’t think we need him; and that he knows our human experience.

Additional Reading:

John 21:1-14

John 20

Luke 5

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