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Tavern Talk #28: Peace

Peace is a word that is carelessly tossed around with some frequency this time of year, but it is so much more than a cute, little Christmas word. Peace is something we all want and desperately need. Thus, this is the perfect time to dig a little deeper into what it really means, especially in terms of this season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace.

Peace is the absence of conflict, tension, stress, or pressure. We have certainly had no shortage of those lately. But the human experience has always included drama, conflict, and tension. We enjoy drama – except when we are living it. And we can never seem to escape it. As Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, shouldn’t we get it? Shouldn’t we be all about peace? Well, we certainly have every opportunity to be. What are we missing? Perhaps perspective?

Where do we find peace in the Christmas story? In order to find peace, we must first find the conflict and tension. And they’re everywhere in that story. But it is also a story filled with peace: the story of the intimate birth of a baby, an announcement to some shepherds taking care of their flocks of sheep, the visit of the Magi.

But the greatest peace provided by the Christmas story is that it resulted in Christ – the one who by grace and love allows us to make peace with God. Sin causes tension and stress in our relationship with God. Through the unconditional grace and love that God provided through Jesus, we are able to be forgiven of our sins and thus made right with God – aligned with God’s vision for us and our relationship. Jesus also taught us how to find peace with each other – through love. If we love one another as God loves us (showing grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love), then we can find peace with one another.

Jesus Christ came in peace, gave us peace, and provides us peace today. What better focus as we celebrate this season?

Our wish for you this Christmas is that you find peace, experience peace, bring peace, share peace, make peace, and enjoy peace wherever you may find yourself, even if it is simply at home.

Until we meet again, peace.



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