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Tavern Talk #15: Change

Who likes change? Most of the time we try to avoid it. We like comfortable, expected, usual, predictable, dependable, the same. Even if it isn’t so good for us. Sometimes change is what we need but not what we want. And other times, we want change but cannot seem to make it happen.

Christianity is all about change. Christ changed how we relate to God. He allowed us to be reconciled and made right with God. If we want to be a Christian, then we have to change. And when we make that decision, we do change. We are changed. Why would we want to? It’s not only about eternal life, but life is better when we are in relationship with God. Living with a Christian perspective allows us to see life in a new way and to live it knowing that we are not facing life and its many changes alone.

But, what about everyone else? We cannot change people. But they can change. Even when they have no desire to. Just like we can. God can and does change people. God adjusts their perspective. There is no greater example of people changing than probably that of Saul (Paul) as outlined in the New Testament, Acts Chapter 9.

Though we cannot change people, we can be agents of change. God uses us to facilitate change in others. But, we must realize that it is God making those changes, not us.

The good news is that God and Jesus do not change. They have not and will not. And their presence is with us always in the form of the Holy Spirit.

So, change. We must expect it, encourage it, express it, empower it, engage it, and enjoy it. It is what life is all about. And it is what being a Christian is as well.

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