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Tavern Talk #14: Hope

Hope. It’s what should separate Christians from non-Christians. It should be an ever-present product of our faith. Then, why do I not feel hopeful or hope-filled all the time?

Our faith provides us with hope for eternity – a belief that there is more to life than just life. A conviction that there is an afterlife. That afterlife is available to those who measure up, who pass the test, who have lived a good and virtuous life. So how do we pass the test? Jesus provides the key. He allows us to be forgiven for our errant ways so that we can secure entry into eternity. A lot of people have historically come to believe based upon this simple good news. But that hope does not often translate into an ever-present, reassuring, daily confidence.

Our faith should also provide us with hope every day. Hope that today will be better than yesterday. A confidence that God can make a difference in every day of our lives. And, that we can make a difference in the lives of others. We can achieve this positive perspective only if we focus on it and try, and if we seek God’s help to see it and live it each and every day. That hope is available not just to us but to everyone. And, we can experience it and spread it through the power of prayer.

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